We first came to Romania in the fall of 1999 with missionary Terry Mize. Neither of us had done anything like this before, and it was supposed to be a short trip to work in a baby orphanage and help with a pastor’s conference.  Little did we know that our lives would change so dramatically because of that experience.  After ten days of holding unwanted babies and seeing pastors hungry for God’s Word after decades of communist government-enforced atheism, we knew we were not done with Romania.  As our plane left the ground in Bucharest, tears filled our eyes and we knew the Lord was calling us here.


The work of reclaming a nation that suffered 50 years of communism is a team effort.  Many missionaries are working in Romania, reaching out in every way imaginable: church planting, orphan care, prevention of human trafficking, medical care, children’s ministry, training current and future Romanian leaders, serving on college campuses, and even working in the business world to reach adults who grew up in the hopeless dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaucescu.  Our ministry here is to the children of these varied missionaries.

When we lived in the United States, we were both public school educators.  Here in Romania, the Lord uses our heart for children and our teaching experience at Bucharest Christian Academy.


Bucharest Christian Academy is a small K-12 school that is taught in  English mainly for the children of expatriates living in Bucharest. Attending BCA means that the expat children get the social interaction and Western-style education that they would otherwise forfeit when their parents left home.  Having a school staff of caring people of integrity means that the students develop a closer bond with their teachers than they normally would in their home countries.  In addition to teaching them in the classroom, we regularly host students in our home, accompany them on trips outside the city and country, counsel them, and become part of their daily lives.

Tony is the director at BCA,  and Chrissy teaches high school English and journalism/yearbook.  We also have three wonderful children of our own: Marco is 14; Rocco is 12; and Gianna is 10.  All three love being at BCA and are involved in many sports and activities.


Outside of BCA, we are also active members of our Romanian church, Noua Creatie (New Creation), which also has a Rhema Bible school that is training the next generation of Christian leaders in Romania.  We have had the privilege of arranging, coordinating, and hosting monthly youth meetings and activities – and thankfully improving our Romanian!  We hope to see this group establish Godly friendships and build their faith through these times of fellowship and teaching. We also teach bible classes at Rhema Romania to students who are studying to become pastors and church leaders.


Our U.S.-based non-profit organization, Covenant Care, has a vision to build people up.  Our financial partners receive tax deductions for their giving through Covenant Care. For more information on how you can be a part of reaching Romania, click here.